How do setup automated reminders to be sent to defaulters?

ApnaComplex has the ability to automatically send email and SMS reminders to defaulters at pre-determined frequencies. This is a huge time saver to the committee and drastically improves the collection percentage.

You can setup reminders to be automatically sent to defaulters after “X” number of days after the due date. You can set up any number of such reminders. It is important to note that each reminder is applicable for all invoices that are already raised or that will be raised in future. This means the reminders need to be set up only once irrespective of raising the invoices. The reminders will only go to members of those flats against which there are outstanding dues.

This makes it very easy to set up reminder policy in the society – like first reminder to pay will be sent one day after the due date, second reminder will be sent after 10 days and final reminder to pay will be sent 30 days after the due date. Once the three reminders are setup, the system will automatically send reminders whenever there is any invoice that is found meeting the criteria (of number of days after the due date).

To setup such automated reminders please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Income->Member Income.

2. Click on Setup Reminders.

3. Click on Add Reminder

4. On the screen, you will have the options to set up the number of days after the due date when the reminder has to be sent, type of reminder (email or SMS), the message to be sent and the minimum outstanding amount below fields.

5. For email reminders, you can use mail merge facility with help of tags like {{name}}, {{due_amount}} to create personalized reminders. Follow the on-screen instructions on how to use them.

6. If you want reminders to be sent only to those members where the dues are more than certain minimum due amount, you can enter the same (this is useful in case you do not want to send reminders to people who have an outstanding amount like Rs. 100/-)

7. “Add” the reminder.

Do note that you have option to set up the reminder “Before” a due date as well. In such cases the reminder will be sent to ALL flats – irrespective of whether they have paid or not.

You can also “Send Reminder Now” which will take the current defaulters and send them email/SMS reminders.

You can also add more reminders by repeating the process listed above. For example, you can set up 5 reminders – first reminder for one week before the due date, second one for one day before the due date, third reminder for one day after the due date, fourth one week after the due date, and fifth one, a month after the due date.

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