How to handle Cheque Bounce Charges on Non-Member Income?

This is no different from any other Non-member income you receive. You can directly record it a separate line item and record it. In case you are receiving a single payment for the original amount + cheque bounce charges, you can record this as a journal voucher under Accounting->Adjustments->Add Adjustment. Here you need to add an entry with three rows. For example, if some one is paying Rs. 1,100/- cheque where Rs. 1000 is the towards stall rental and Rs. 100/- is towards Cheque bounce – you need to enter:

1. Credit Rs. 1000/- against  Stall Rental Income Account

2. Credit Rs. 100/- against Cheqeu Bounce Charges Income Account

3. Debit Rs. 1100/- against the Bank account where the cheque is deposited.

You can put the cheque number in the adjustment description.

In case the cheque bounced if Member Income, you can go to Income->Payments and then “revert/delete” the payment and you can even apply the cheque bounce charges as a part of the reversal process.

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