What is Approver List?

A number of processes in managing an apartment community require approvals from identified list of members. Only when a minimum number of approvers have approved, the process can proceed.  An approver list is important to setup the system which will be reused by these processes resulting in improved efficiency.

What is Approver List Hierarchy?

Sometimes, certain processes require that parallel approval (in which case all approvers are treated as ‘equal’) alone is not sufficient. In such cases, every item needs to be approved by a hierarchy of approvers wherein after the first set of approvals, instead of marking the item as approved, it will […]

What is Generic Approver List?

Generic Approver List is a setup that decides the minimum number of approvers (who basically approve or reject) for a workflow process. This minimum number of approvers can be setup at the Community Level or at each workflow level. When it is defined at the Community level it is called […]

Why is the edit icon unavailable for a few Approver Lists?

When an Approver List is associated with an Approver List Hierarchy and the Approver List Hierarchy is associated with a Purchase Request item/Request box item/Bill item which is still ‘Pending’ for Approval, the Approver List must not be edited for reasons of consistency. In order to enforce this, the edit […]