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By following the below simple steps, add Quarantined flats/units on the ApnaComplex app.

– On the home screen of the ApnaComplex app, scroll down and click on “Community”.

– Click on the “Member Directory” icon.

– Once the member directory opens, click on “Add Quarantine”.

–  On the “Add Quarantine Unit” page, select “Block & Unit”.

– Next, enter the number of infected members.

– If there is any additional information that needs to be added, write it under “Add Note”.

– Under “Quarantine Duration”, select the start and end date of the quarantine period.

– Under “In this Unit”, enable “Any member tested positive?”.

– Click on “Mark as Quarantine”.

– You have added quarantine information successfully.

– To view all quarantined units, click on “See All Units”.

– To edit or end a quarantine period, click on the “3 vertical dots”.


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