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GST specifies the invoice formats that an entity should use when issuing invoices to customers.

There are two types of invoices :
1. Tax Invoice
2. Bill of Supply

Tax invoices are issued when the society is issuing invoices for taxable goods or services being offered to its members or external parties. This invoice will clearly mention the CGST / SGST / IGST tax %ages and amounts being charged against each supply item.

Bill of Supply invoices are issued when society is issuing invoices for tax-exempt / non-taxable goods or services being offered to its members or external parties. These invoices will not have tax related information on the invoice.

Both invoices need to have invoice number, GSTIN of the customer/member (where applicable), Billing Name, Address, State, HSN/SAC for the services/goods offered (not needed if the total turn over is less than 1.5 Crores per year) among other fields. Most of this information needs to be shared as a part of GSTR filing at the end of every month.

In ApnaComplex, you will be able to configure
(a) the list of units to be exempted from GST, irrespective of the Supply (to be used by Societies who do not levy tax on members with less than Rs. 5000/- per month)
(b) the charges which are exempt from Tax or NIL tax

In both these cases, ApnaComplex will automatically raise Bill of Supply, instead of Tax Invoices.

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