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  5. How to check asset details by scanning QR codes?

Now, you can check asset details just by scanning the QR code attached to that particular asset. You can check details like AMC expiry date, next service due date, etc. Members with the following roles in ApnaComplex can only view the asset details: 1. Community Administrator, 2. Asset Operator, and 3. Asset Admin.

You need to print the QR codes of each asset before checking the asset details. Follow the help-guide here on how to print QR codes. Attach the printed QR codes to the corresponding assets.

Follow the below steps for checking asset details with QR codes:

Step 1: Login to the mobile app and click on the ‘QR code’ scan icon on the top right dashboard

Step 2: Scan the QR code here and choose the last option, i.e., Asset Details

Step 3: You will get all the asset details here

If you need any help in managing your society assets using QR codes, please write to us at support@apnacomplex.com, we would be happy to help.