How to fix visitor notifications for ApnaComplex App?

Recent updates by most android smartphone manufacturers have disabled App notifications by default in order to enhance battery life. Due to these changes, you may not be getting notification from the ApnaComplex App. To receive real-time notification seamlessly, you shall need to allow some permissions to the app and the following setting should be enabled.

a. Display over other apps
b. App Autostart

A: Display over other Apps

This will allow the notifications to be displayed on the home screen/or on any app even if the ApnaComplex app is not running in the background. This can be enabled as while you open the app and you shall receive a pop-up asking you for the permission to enable “Display over other apps” option. Clicking on “OK”, will enable the option for the app


B. App AutoStart:

This will allow the ApnaComplex app to run in the background even if the app is killed. This will allow the app to receive notifications and display them as and when it is required.

To enable this, you need to click on the “Notification icon“ on the top right-hand side of the app and it will show a pop-up asking you to enable “Autostart” for the ApnaComplex app. You need to click “OK” and enable the Autostart option for ApnaComplex.

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