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In ApnaComplex, the Vehicle and Parking Lot Management module is very flexible and allows ability to mention maximum number of vehicles in a parking lot. This is usually needed in societies where multiple vehicles (like 2 two-wheelers and 1 4-wheeler) are parked in the same parking lot.

Please follow the below steps to set a limit for the number of vehicles to be associated with a particular parking lot.

1) Go to Complex->settings and click on “manage parking”. Enter the number as per your requirement in the text box associated with setting “Number of vehicles per parking lot”, and click on “Update”.

2) The number of vehicles that can be associated with a particular parking lot, depends on the number entered in the text box in the above setting.

In case you are decreasing the number of vehicles (like you earlier had 4 vehicles per lot but now you want to reduce to 2 vehicles) – the exisiting parking lots with more vehicles will be left untouched.

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