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Now, you can manage your society assets using the QR code attached to that particular asset. Once you scan the asset QR code you will get multiple options based on your role. You can do the following: log a complaint, view details of the asset, fill up a maintenance log(checklist). Below are the steps to manage your assets using QR codes:

Printing the QR code for an asset

Step 1: Login to the web portal and click on ‘Assets’ and then click on ‘Asset List’

Step 2: Select the asset group for which you want to see the asset list and generate the QR code and then click on ‘View Assets’

Step 3: Mark the checkbox for any asset or select all to generate the QR codes by clicking on the ‘Print’ icon below

Step 4: Print the QR code generated in a new tab and place it next to the respective assets

To create a form for maintenance staff
This option comes to maintenance staff when they click on ‘View Maintenance Logs’ after scanning the QR code of that asset from the app. Below are the steps to create a form for any asset:

Step 5: Click on ‘Assets’ and then click on ‘Forms/Maintenance Logs’

Step 6: Click on ‘Create Form’

Step 7: Enter the ‘Form Title’ and ‘Description’ and click on ‘Create’

Step 8: Click on the ‘+’ green color button to add a question to the form

Step 9: Write the question, select the question type and mark it as mandatory or not. Click on the ‘Add’ button

Step 10: You can view/edit/inactivate a question from here and you can add more questions by clicking on the ‘+’ green color button.

Step 11: After the form is created, click on ‘Assets’ and then click on ‘Asset List’ and then click on ‘Manage Asset groups’

Step 12: Click on the ‘Enable Form’ icon present at the last under the actions column for the asset group you want to enable the form

Step 13: Select the checkbox for the form which you want to enable and click on ‘Update’

Step 14: Go to the ‘Asset List’ and view all the assets of a particular group. Here click on the ‘Enable Form’ icon for that particular asset which you want to enable.

To manage the assets based on your role:

Step 15: Login to the mobile app and click on the ‘QR code’ scan icon on the top right dashboard

Step 16: Scan the QR code here and you will get three options below which are: 1. Log a complaint 2. Maintenance Logs 3. Asset Details

Step 17:
If a member scans the QR code, they will be able to log a complaint directly by just scanning. Follow this help-guide to raise a complaint by scanning a QR code.

Maintenance Staff:
Step 18:
If you click on the maintenance Logs, you will get a list of forms associated with the asset. Once tapped on any particular log you can fill the forms of that asset. We support multiple fields, i.e., small text, long text, radio, date, numeric field, etc.

Facility Manager/Committee Member:
Step 19:
If you click on ‘Asset Details’, you can view the asset details and can see if there is an expiry coming near or when is the next service date and many more.

If you need any help in managing your society assets using QR codes, please write to us at support@apnacomplex.com, we would be happy to help.

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