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The objective of posting any classified is to attract relevant audience who might be interested in what you are offering to buy/sell. Here are tips to post a good classified in ApnaComplex.

1. Use appropriate subject line. Alway begin the subject with what you are offering. For example, “2BHK Flat with 3 balconies available for rent” is a good subject line. In comparison, a subject like “Lake Apartments F-401 2BHK flat for rent” is not as effective. As a thumb rule – avoid the apartment name in the subject line. The apartment name is picked up automatically by ApnaComplex based on your id.

2. Indicate the price. Do not keep it as zero or some random number. This is probably the most key information prospective buyers / renters will look for in your classified.

3. Provide detailed description of your offering (if you are selling or renting, indicate the amenities available etc.). Do NOT add your mobile number or email address in the classified unless you want to get spammed and share your information with the whole world.

4. Add pictures! Ensure that you add as many pictures as possible of your property. Pictures attract audience. Add pictures of your complex, apartment interiors, floor plans and whatever else is possible to market your offering.

5. Once posted, share the URL of the classified within your networks – facebook, twitter, google+ and post the url even in other classified sites if you are posting in other sites.