How to print QR codes of an asset?

You can print the QR codes in small-size also. You can select the option to print more than one QR code on a single page, our recommendation is four(4). So, you can print 4 QR codes on a single A4 page.

Printing the QR code for an asset

Step 1: Login to the web portal and click on ‘Assets’ and then click on ‘Asset List’

Step 2: Select the asset group for which you want to see the asset list and generate the QR code and then click on ‘View Assets’

Step 3: Mark the checkbox for any asset or select all to generate the QR codes by clicking on the ‘Print’ icon below

Step 4: Print the QR code generated in a new tab and place it next to the respective assets.
Before you finally print the QR codes, select the “Pages Per Sheet” as Four(4) in the printing option.

If you need any help in printing QR codes of an asset, please write to us at, we would be happy to help.