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1. Please go to http://www.apnacomplex.com
2. Click on the Login button at the top right.
3. On the login screen, there is a link to “Forgot Password” below the submit button.
4. Click the “Forgot Password” link.
5. Enter your registered email id and click “Reset”.
6. Now, check your email for an email from support@apnacomplex.com that has a link/button.
7. Do check your SPAM folder – your email provider could be filtering these emails at any time.
9. In the email, click the reset password link. You will see a screen to update a new password of your choice. You will have to enter the password two times. Once updated, please login using the new password you have just set.
10.  Upon clicking the link in case you see an error page, it means that the link has already been clicked in the past and your password is already changed. The link can only be used once.
11. If you have not received the email even after an hour and it is not present in the spam/junk folder – please send an email to support@apnacomplex.com with as many details as possible for resolution.

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