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  4. If I want to make payment entries for invoices raised in earlier Financial Year, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible.

In ApnaComplex, you can create multiple accounting periods. Usually, one financial year can be treated as one accounting period. You can create accounting periods by going to Accounting->Accounting Periods.

At any point in time, you will be operating accounts in the context of an accounting period. All financial transactions must belong to the accounting period. The transaction date reflected on the ledger should belong to the accounting period you are in.

Once the new accounting period related to the new financial year is created, switch to that accounting period.

To switch to an accounting period, please click on the shuffle icon in the header and you can see the drop down list of accounting periods – you can select the newly created one.

Once switched you can click on Income->Enter & Verify Payment like you have been doing all along.
All you need to ensure is that the payment date is of a date that belongs to the accounting period. If the payment belongs to an earlier date, please switch to the correct accounting period and do the payment entries.

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