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Vehicle Sentry is a Vehicle Movement Tracking, Vehicle Authentication and Vehicle Authorization System, that can be deployed at the various entry/exit gates of any Apartment / Gated Community / Offices.

With the help of Vehicle Sentry,

(a) Only pre-authorized vehicles can enter / exit from a Gate without manual verification by Security.

(b) All movement of authorized vehicles across the gates is automatically logged, which can be used to investigate any incident.

(c) Vehicle Owners can get mobile alerts when their Vehicles move across entry / exit gates.

(d) Vehicle Owners can lock/unlock their respective vehicles from mobile app and allow/disallow their movement at the Gates.

(e) Security staff gets Audio-visual alerts for unauthorized access of Gates by any vehicle.

(f) Estate Management Office can disable access to vehicles from the office when owners/residents move out of the flats forever.

Vehicle Sentry system consists of both Hardware and Software.  Software is part of the ApnaComplex platform.

Hardware consists of RFID Reader + Sentry Controller system and RFID tags for the vehicles. The entire system can be connected to Boom Barriers or to an simple cost-effective audio-visual system.

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