How do I change the members of our Committee mailing list?

By default, every society has a ‘committee’ mailing list. This is a ‘smart’ mailing list that is automatically created by the system when your community is created on ApnaComplex. All members who are tagged as committee members are automatically part of this group. To add/remove a member from this group, […]

How do I remove a Committee Member?

Go to Directory->Committee. Click on the ‘Inactivate Committee Member’ icon in Actions column. Fill the last date of the member in the committee role. This is needed, so that system can maintain history of various Committee Members in the society. If you wish to completely erase the record and maintain […]

How does Collection Gateway help in reducing efforts?

In most societies, members make NEFT payment of their dues to the Society Account. But most members do not inform the treasurer/society office or update the portal about the payment they have made – leading to lots of suspense entries in the Bank account. Treasurer has to wait for bank […]