Getting Started with ApnaComplex Water Monitor

ApnaComplex Gatekeeper offers the ability to track Water Tanker Trips in the Society with utmost ease.

Your security guard can record each Water Tanker trip from Gatekeeper. However, the portal administrator needs to do some simple configuration for security guard to be able to use this capability.

Following is list of activities that Community Administrator has to do on the web portal to get started:

  1. Setup Water Tanker Vendor Category: Please go to Directory->Vendors and set up a new vendor category called ‘Water Tanker’, if not present. All your Water Tanker vendors must be tagged with this Vendor Category.

  2. Setup Water Tanker Vendors: Please ensure all your current water tanker vendors are present in the vendor directory.

    1. You can add new vendors (Directory->Vendors->Add Vendor) OR

    2. Edit the the existing vendors and update their category as “Water Tanker” category (Directory->Vendors. Click ‘Edit’ icon against the relevant vendor).

  3. Setup Water Tanker Types and Rates: Go to Expenditure->Water Monitor.  Click Water Tanker Vendors button and then ‘Add Tanker Type’ button.  Here you can specify the rate per tanker and volume of the tanker. You can create multiple types for every vendor. Every vendor must have at least one “type”  for Water Tanker.

This completes the set up on the portal.

Now on Gatekeeper App – your guard can see ‘Water Monitor’ icon. Click the same and then the plus icon to record a tanker trip along with a picture.  Keep doing this for all tanker trips. The data automatically gets synced to the portal for admins to see.

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