How do we get started with Gatekeeper App?

Gatekeeper is a unique android app offered by ApnaComplex to make the Apartment / Gated Community Gates more secure. Its a complete “Gate Management System” with several functionality. Core functionality of Gatekeeper is as of today

  1. Visitor Management – including pre-authorized visitors, ad-hoc visitors such as delivery persons etc.
  2. Domestic Staff Attendance Tracking
  3. Resident Verification

To get started, please procure an android tablet (any one in the society having a old tablet can donate 🙂 to be given to security. If there are multiple gates, one tablet per gate is required.

Login to the web portal as a community admin and go to Gatekeeper->Attendance Devices in the left side menu and then click “Add Device”. Fill the details, select “Device Type” as “Gatekeeper” and “Add”. Repeat this process for as many gates as you have where you want to use Gatekeeper (you can always add more devices later at any point in time).

Now on the tablet that is procured, download and install Gatekeeper by ApnaComplex App from Google Play Store. Login into Gatekeeper using any id having community admin / security front office role. Chose a 4 digit pin after successful login. The App automatically syncs up all service staff and member data from ApnaComplex servers.

As a first step, select “Maintenance Devices” (last icon on the Gatekeeper dashboard). You should the get list of Gatekeeper devices – select the device. This configures the Gatekeeper to be used for Service Staff Movement Tracking. Now, click of Staff Entry / Staff Exit and you can see the list of Staff and record entry/exit.

For Visitor Tracking, you can click on “Visitor Entry” to create a new Visitor Pass and “Visitor Exit” to record the exit of the Visitor.

To configure the list of fields to be captured for Visitor Entry, please go to Complex->Settings -> Gatekeeper Settings on the web portal as a Community Admin and change the default configuration to suit your society’s needs.

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