How to configure Commercial Units / Shops and Raise invoices against them under non-member income

1. Create Block as Shops and Units as Shop1, Shop2 etc.

2. Create a member income category named Rental charges (or any other suitable name).

3. Update the accounting group of this new income category to a Non-Member income group in order to be able to raise invoices and get them reported under Non-Member income. This is a account grouping / reporting activity

Once the Rental charges category is created please follow the below procedure to map the accounting group to Non-Member income.

1. Go to Accounting->Chart of Accounts.

2. Filter for the Member income category you created , and the last column in the table title “Actions” has a tooltip “ Edit account details” Please click on it.

3. In the pop up box please change the Accounting Group to “Non-Member income (Revenues)” .

After mapping you can raise the Invoices as usual by goin to Income->Add Charges.

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