How to Create a Water Tanker Trip ?

As a Community Administrator/ Water Tanker Administrator, you can create Water Tanker Trip.

  1. Please go to Directory->Vendors and set up a new vendor category called ‘Water Tanker’.

  2. Please ensure all your current water tanker vendors are present in the vendor directory. (You can add new vendors OR edit the the existing vendors to use “Water Tanker” vendor category).

  3. Please go to Expenditure->Water Monitor. You can now set up the “Tanker Types” for each water tanker vendor.  Here you can specify the rate per tanker and volume of the tanker. You can create multiple types for every vendor. Every vendor must have at least one “type”  for Water Tanker mobile app to work. This completes the set up on the portal.

  4. Once done, you will get a screen to ‘Create Tanker Trip’ or ‘view tanker trips’.

  5. Staff can select the vendor, the tanker capacity, click the picture (staff can take upto 3 pics, we recommend that one of the pics be the selfie of the staff who is recording the trip for additional accountability).

  6. Submit.

  7. Repeat 5 and 6 for every tanker trip. The data gets synced up with portal whenever internet is available for the device.

On the portal, you can select the date range and see the consumption patterns and cost patterns and even mark trips as ‘billed’ once the invoice is given by the vendor.

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