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In gatekeeper, the active gatepasses (issued for that date) for the user will be visible during Visitor Exit and Staff Exit. Here, the user can either mark it as used or mark it later.

The screen will show the following information:
1. Photos of the Gatepass (If there are any)
2. Description
3. Username (Name of the user for which the gatepass is created)
4. User type (Service staff/Visitor/Maintenance Staff)
5. Unit: (Unit for which the gatepass is created)
6. Date of creation
7. “Material is being carried out” – This is a check box. You can mark and click on “Confirm Exit” to mark the Gatepass as used. If it is unmarked and you click “Confirm exit”, the Gatepass will be shown again on “Exit” of the staff exit or visitor exit.
8. “Take Photo of material” – Here you can click on the button and take the photo of material being carried out. Please note: The image cannot be uploaded from gallery. It has to be shot via camera app of the mobile

Please click on “Confirm Exit” to confirm the exit of the staff/visitor.
A push notification will be sent whenever a gatepass is marked as ‘Used’.

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