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Getting Started with ApnaComplex has been made as smooth and as fast as possible. Almost all the data that is required to be set up can either be entered manually OR bulk uploaded via excels. Below is an easy way to get started once you login to ApnaComplex.
Recommendation #1
For societies who are more keen on enabling communication and complaint box and do not have much past financial data,
1. Get the flat details ready to be uploaded. (Complex->Setup->Bulk Upload Units)
2. Upload details of all members (Directory->Upload Members)
3. Mark the committee members details. (Directory->Commitee)
4. Set up Maintenance Staff details (Directory->Maintenance Staff)
5. Set up the Complaint Categories, Complaint Box Administration and Escalation Paths and SLAs. (Complaints->Complaint Box->Manage Categories and Complaints->Complaint Box->Set up Escalation Path)
6. Review the settings present in Complex->Settings. The default settings on that page are our recommended settings. Apart from the check boxes, you should update the ‘payment instructions’. These instructions would get reflected on the invoices (demand notes) raised on Members.
Recommendation #2
For societies who are more keen on accounting aspects and want all financial data from a cut-off date in the system,
1. Get the flat details ready to be uploaded. (Complex->Setup->Bulk Upload Units)
2. Get following data as on a cut-off date for accounting aspects (most societies upload their data as on financial year beginning such as 1st April 2010 – though there is no restriction by the system about the date). Templates for all the below are available in AC. If you have data from multiple financial years, please ensure the templates are filled one each per year. Links to all the below mentioned activities are available from Accounting->Setup tab. Please refer this screen and then read the below in conjunction with that screen for easier understanding.

  • Configure Account Heads
    • Setup Bank Accounts of your Society: By default the system comes with a Petty Cash account. Please add other accounts such as your savings/current account that your Society has. Ensure the nick names given here are easy to remember. The nick names cannot be changed once created.
    • Setup Member Income Categories: Create Income heads under which you collect money from your society members. Typical examples would be Maintenance Charges, Sinking Fund, Parking Lot Charges etc.
    • Setup Non-Member Income Categories: Add income heads from where you get revenue other than the members. Typical examples would be Bank Interest, Stall Rentals, Advertisement Collections etc.
    • Setup Expense Categories: Add Expense heads under which your expenses can be categorized. Typical examples would be Security Expenses, Lift Expenses, Maintenance and Repair, Staff Salary etc. Please note that you can update budgets against these heads later.
    • Setup Vendors: Add all Vendors who provide services to the Society. A ledger account will be auto created for each Vendor. This is mandatory if you want to record bills issued by Vendors and then make payments. If you are not sure at this time what this is – ignore this step. You can always revisit this later.
    • Please note that all these income/expense heads can be grouped under different sub groups at any point in time. Regrouping of these heads will not impact any transactions recorded against these heads.
  • Getting Started
    • Now, create the accounting period before which you want to set up your accounts in ApnaComplex. For example, if you want to set up accounts from 1st April 2010 in ApnaComplex, create the accounting period from 1st April 2009 to 31st March 2010. To do this, go to Accounting->Accounting Periods and ‘Add Accounting Period’. Ensure that you select the current accounting period (where you have created all the above bank/income/expense heads) for the “Copy accounts from Accounting Period” field. This will ensure all the heads you created are available for newly created accounting periods.
    • Now switch to this accounting period (click switch icon against the period)
    • Upload closing balances of all flats as on the last day of this accounting period. Ex: If you want to maintain accounts from 1st April 2010, you have to upload the closing balances against all flats as on 31st March 2010 into the system. If you do not have any accounts before 1st April 2010 – you need not do this step. Please note that positive balance means the member has paid in advance to the society. Negative balance means the member has dues to be paid. Zero balances should not be uploaded.
    • Now create all other accounting periods, if any. (Ex: Create accounting period of 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2011. The period of 1st April 2011 to 31st March 2012 is already available in the system).
  • Now for each accounting period, follow the steps below:
    • Upload Charges (Demand Notes) levied on all members since the cut-off date.
    • Upload Receipts paid by members since the cut-off date.
    • Upload Receipts paid by Non-members (incl. Bank Interest) since the cut-off date.
    • Upload Payments (Expenses) made to Vendors/Others since the cut-off date.
    • List of contra entries (Funds transfer from one account to another).
    • Last step is to update opening bank/cash/receivables/paybables balances as on opening date of the accounting period. Go to Accounting->Chart of Accounts. You can see edit opening balance icon against each account. Click that to update the opening balance. (This step is required to tally the accounts in your current software and in ApnaComplex to ensure no discrepancy). If you did not understand this step, please do not worry! This is an advanced accounting step that is required only if you want to generate balance sheet in ApnaComplex. Ideally, your accountant can help with this. If you require help on this, you can mail us to support@apnacomplex.com

3. In parallel complete all activities in recommendation #1.

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