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Please go to Directory->Maintenance Staff.

Please click on ‘Manage Maintenance Staff Roles’ button. Here you should set up various positions in your society office – like Estate Manager, Site Supervisor, Electricians, Housekeeping Staff, Accountant etc.

Once this is done, please click on the ‘Add Maintenance Staff’ – add the name, position/role, email (optional), phone (optional) and save. You can create upto 5 staff at a time.

After adding the staff records, you can edit each record to update the agency name if they belong to any agency and also indicate if the staff will attend to complaints directly. The complaint related setting, if disabled, will ensure that this staff is not accidentally assigned any complaints.

You can also give access rights to the staff by clicking on ‘Add/Edit Roles’ icon in actions column. Unless this is done, the staff usually will not be able to do anything in the portal.

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