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 To easily create a Notice on the ApnaComplex app, follow the below steps.

–          Open the ApnaComplex app and on the bottom of the home screen, you’ll find the “Community” icon. Click on it.

–          On the “Community Page”, click on “Create Notice”.

–          Once the “Create Notice” page appears, write the subject and description of the notice you would like to share.

–          If you would like to add an image to the notice, click on the “Image” icon.

–          At the bottom of the page, click on “Notice Settings”.

–          Once the “Notice Settings” page opens, select “The Audience”, that is, who can view the notice, the number of days/weeks on the “Notice Expiry”, and enable “Privacy” settings.

–          Once done, click “Share”.

–          You have created and posted a Notice successfully.

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