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Conducting polls online regularly will give help you get constructive feedback and opinions from your residents. To create online polls using the ApnaComplex app, follow the below steps. 

–  In the ApnaComplex app, you will find the “Community” icon on the bottom of the screen. Click on it and it will take you to your society’s page. 

– Over there, click on “Create Polls”. 

– On the “Create Polls” page, add the poll question you would like to ask and give the relevant options for the residents to select.

– Once you have added enough options, click on “Next”. 

– Select the start and date of the poll and click “OK”. 

– Under “Visible To” choose the members who can participate such as “All Members”, “Only Owners”, etc, and choose  “Voting Right”, i.e, “One per user” or “One per unit”. 

– Under “Answer Limits”, enable or disable multiple answers. 

– According to the nature of your polls, enable or disable “Is Vote Secret”. 

– Once you are done, click “Post Now. 

– If you want to review your poll, click “Review”, and if you are confident, click “Publish”.  You have successfully created a poll and scheduled it.

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