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A] Creating a New Poll:

  1. Login to ApnaComplex Web Portal and click on the Forums option from left-side main menu.

2. Click on the Polling Booth from the drop-down options.

3. On this screen you will be able to see all the polls that Active, Inactive, Pending Approval and Closed/Cancelled. To create a new poll, click on New Poll.

4. Add all the Poll details such as title, description, and start and end dates.

5. Admin can decide who can participate in a poll – Residents, Owners, Committee Members or certain Groups. Select the preferred participants from the drop-down as shown:

6. Next, select the voting rights. Admin can decide whether each individual gets to vote (One Per User), or the whole family gets one combined vote (One Per Unit).

7. Admin has the option to make it a secret poll or not. That is, whether the poll should be open (results visible as the voting progresses) or closed (results visible only after the poll is closed). For this, select or deselect the option shown below:

8. Admin can also restrict defaulters who have pending dues from participating in the poll. For this, check the box below as shown: 

9. Add all the required poll answers, and click on Save & Publish if you are ready to publish the poll. You can also Save the poll to revisit it later or Cancel the poll if needed.

10. To view all the inactive or upcoming polls, click on Inactive/Scheduled Polls button as shown:

B] Closing a Poll:

  1. By default, a poll closes at 12.00 AM (midnight) on the specified end date. However, admins can close the poll at any specific time by entering the poll timings in the poll description and closing the poll manually at that time. 

2. Admin can manually close the poll anytime by clicking on the ‘minus’ icon as shown below:

3. To reactivate a Closed Poll, click on ‘Closed/Cancelled Polls’ button and then click on ‘Reactivate Poll’ as shown below:

C] Viewing Poll Results and Reports:

  1. For Open (not secret) polls, admins will be able to view the poll results while the poll is still active, while for Closed (secret) polls, the results can be viewed only after a poll is closed.

2. To View Poll Results/Reports: Click on ‘Closed/Cancelled’ button to view the list of all the completed or cancelled polls.

To view an individual poll’s details, click on ‘Show Poll Results’ or ‘Show Poll Report’ option under ‘Actions’ as shown below:

3. For ‘Open’ (not secret) polls, the poll report shows how each participant voted as shown below:

While for ‘Secret’ polls, the report shows only the poll options along with the number of votes against each option, as shown below:

For any further assistance, please write to us at support@apnacomplex.com and we would be happy to help.

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