How to enable visitor notifications for Xiaomi mobile phones?

If you are not getting visitor notifications on your mobile phone(Xiaomi), we request you to follow the below steps to enable visitor notifications:

Step 1.1: Update the app and then login into the app, there will be a popup to enable “display over other apps”. Click and enable it for the ‘ApnaComplex’ app.

Step 1.2: Go to Settings option and click on ‘Battery & performance’

Step 1.3: Click on ‘Choose apps’

Step 1.4: Click on ‘ApnaComplex’ app

Step 1.5: Click on ‘No restrictions’

Step 2.1: Go back to Settings and click on ‘Permissions’

Step 2.2: Click on ‘Autostart’

Step 2.3: Enable the App to autostart

Step 3.1: Go back to Settings and click on ‘Notifications & status bar’

Step 3.2: Click on ‘App Notifications

Step 3.3: Enable the Show notifications

Step 4.1: Open the ApnaComplex App

Step 4.2: Minimize the app and come to the home screen. Click on the 3 horizontal lines, then press & hold the App for some time and it will show like the below image

Step 4.3: Click on the ‘Lock’ icon

After you follow the above steps, you will start getting visitor notifications on your mobile. However, if you are still not getting notifications, we urge you to follow the below-advanced steps:

Step 5.1: Go back to Settings and click on About phone

Step 5.2: Tap on the MIUI version tab ‘eight times’.

Step 5.3: You will get a message as ‘No need, you are already a developer’

Step 5.4: Go back to Settings and click on ‘Additional settings’

Step 5.5: Click on ‘Developer options’ present at the bottom

Step 5.6: Disable the ‘Turn on MIUI optimization’ option

You will be getting the visitor notifications all the time from now onwards as and when your visitor is at the gate. If you need any assistance, please write to us at, we would be happy to help.

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