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At times, you might want to offer an incentive to members OR you might want to correct an incorrectly levied charge. In such cases you can issue a Credit Note.

You can issue credit notes to members in two ways:

1. Go to Income->Member Income. Filter on the necessary flat against which Credit Note has to be raised. Click on ”Add Credit Note’ icon in the actions column.

On the Add Credit Note screen, the credit note amount can either be put against a charge, where it behaves similar to a payment being made against a charge (although credit note reduces income where as payment reduces amount receivable). If the amount is put as an advance payment (not against a specific charge), then the amount is treated like an advance payment and adjusted against other outstanding charges at that time or any subsequent charges raised against the unit.

2. If you want to issue credit notes across lots of units, then you can upload the same using excel by clicking on the ‘Upload Credit Notes’ link on the Income->Member Income screen. Download the excel, fill it with the amount and upload into the portal to issue credit notes. All credit notes can be viewed under Income->View Payments screen – from where you can delete the credit note in case of any errors.

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