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ApnaComplex has numerous options to publish the defaulters’ list, based on how long the dues are overdue. You can even send the defaulters’ statement to the members, making it easier for them to get complete details of all the overdue charges against their flat.

To publish the defaulters’ report please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to the portal using your registered Email-id and password

Step 2: Click on ‘Reports’ and then click on ‘Defaulters’

Step 3: Here there are numerous options to see the defaulters’ report. You can see respective defaulters whose overdue is less than 1 month / more than 1 month / more than 2 months / more than 3 months. Choose the appropriate option to see the defaulters’ list respectively.

Step 4: You can also check out the defaulters based on all overdue which has payment due dates or does not have payment due dates.

Step 5: There is one more option to check the defaulters’ list based on the due amount of the member. Suppose you want to check-out those members who have more than Rs 500 due, then select the option of more than and mention amount as Rs 500.

Step 6: After you select any of the above-mentioned options, click on ‘Get Defaulter List’ to see the defaulters for that respective option.

Step 7: You can also send email or SMS notifications from this list. Mark the checkboxes for whom you have to send the notifications and click on the Email/SMS icon present below the checkboxes. A new window pops up to fill the details and send the respective Email/SMS notifications.

If you need any assistance to publish the defaulters’ report, please write to us at support@apnacomplex.com, we would be happy to help.

Set-up automated reminders to defaulters:
If you want to set-up automated reminders to be sent to defaulters, please go through this help-guide.

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