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ApnaComplex has powerful capabilities to customize invoices as per your Society needs and can be configured easily in a few simple steps. Below are the descriptions for raising an invoice based on multiple formats:

Step 1: Login to the Web portal

Step 2: Click on ‘Income’ and then click on ‘Add Charges’

Step 3: First, you need to select the units for which you need to raise the invoices. Select the blocks and flat numbers for which corresponding invoices will be raised. Now, suppose if you want to raise invoices for units that are less than 500 units only, then select the Super Builtup Area as Less than 500 sq. ft. area. This will select all the flats which are less than 500 units.

Step 4: If you want to raise invoices with any particular rule-set, then create the rule-set initially or if you already have the rule-set then select the rule-set respectively.

Now, you have to mention the charge details for the selected flats here:

Step 5: First, select the ‘Charge type’ like maintenance dues or corpus fund. If you do not have any charge type, add the charge type by clicking on the ‘Add Charge type’.

Step 6: If you want to add a fixed amount in every invoice, then mention the amount in the ‘Fixed Amount’ tab.

Step 7: Mention the ‘Charge per unit – super built-up area’ calculates the charge based on the area of the individual unit. For example, if you enter 1.5 and the area is 1000, the amount will be 1000 x 1.5 = 1500. This will be added to the fixed amount, if any, to calculate the final charge amount. If the charge is a fixed amount only, you can leave this blank or enter zero.

Step 8: If the charge is based on the plot area, then select this option and mention the charge per unit according to the plot area. For example, these are applicable to Villas.

Step 9: If the charge is based on the terrace area, then select this option and mention the charge per unit according to the terrace area. For example, these are applicable to Villas.

Step 10: Mention the description of the charge which will be visible to the user.

Step 11: Mention the charge date which will be used for entry of charge on the ledger(s). Mention the ‘pay by date’. This is the date by which the charge should be paid. If there is no ‘pay by date’, then this field should be left blank.

Step 12: Click on ‘Generate Charges’ for adding the charges to the selected units.

Once all the charges are created, invoices for the same charges shall have to be generated.

Step 13: Click on ‘Income’ and then click on ‘Invoices’

Step 14: Select the checkbox for which you want to raise the invoice. Mention the description of the invoices and select the ‘Invoice Date’ and ‘Pay by date’.

Step 15: Mark the checkboxes if you wish to send Email and SMS notifications to the members of the selected flats for which the invoices are being generated. If you select the checkboxes, selected flat members will get Email and SMS notifications for the generated invoices respectively.

Step 16: Click on the ‘Raise Invoices’ button to raise the invoices for the selected units.

If you need help in raising invoices in any formats, please write to us on support@apnacomplex.com. We would be happy to help.

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