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Logging into the ApnaComplex application is fairly easy. Below are the common methods using which you can log in.

Method 1

If your e-mail address or mobile phone is registered with your society:

–          Click “Continue with Google” or “Continue with Facebook”.

–          Log in using your Google or Facebook ID linked with your e-mail address which is registered with your society.

Method 2

Logging in using ApnaComplex Welcome mail:

–          Open the welcome email you received from ApnaComplex.

–          At the bottom of the mail, you will find the e-mail address and password of ApnaComplex. Use it to log in to the ApnaComplex app.

Method 3

If you have forgotten the password:

–          Enter your email address in the “Email ID” block and click “Continue”.

–          Now click “Forgot your Password?”.

–          You will receive an OTP to your registered email address.

–          Enter the OTP you received and click “Verify Now”.

–          Enter your new password and confirm your new password in the space given. Click on “Confirm”. Once your password is reset, log into ApnaComplex the usual way.

Method 4

If your email address is not registered with your society:

–          Enter your email address in the space given and click “Continue”.

–          Enter your name and phone number and click “Sign up”.

–          Under “Setup your password”, create your password and type your password again in “Confirm Password”.

–          An OTP will be sent to your email address. Enter that on the space given and click “Verify Now”.

To add your community to the application:

–          Log in to ApnaComplex.

–          Enter the name of your gated society on “Search to add your community”.

–          Once your society’s name appears, click on it, and your apartment details such as – “Choose Block”, ‘Unit No”, “Registered Owner” “Residing in the house”.

–          Once you have added all the details you have successfully registered and added your community to the  ApnaComplex application.

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