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We have 2 options to Opt-in  to receive SMS Notifications for numbers which have DND activated. If DND is not activated, members would receive the SMS without doing any of the below procedures:

1. Opt-in to receive SMS from ApnaComplex portal

After login to the ApnaComplex Go to Home-> My profile, Click on Edit Profile.

Clicking on that will redirect to a page where a member can edit their settings. There you will find a label named “Opt-in for SMS Notifications”. Select “Yes” to receive important SMS notifications and click on Update Profile.


2. Opt-in to receive SMS from ApnaComplex from your mobile

Members and Staff can just send an SMS to start receiving SMS sent by ApnaComplex.

From the mobile number that needs to be opted-in, send “Apna SMS START” to 9243000111 as an sms.

You would get a confirmation message back stating “Your message is received by ApnaComplex.com and will be processed in 24-48hours”.

After this, the mobile number will be enabled to receive SMSs within 24-48 hours (if the number is listed as a mobile number in ApnaComplex against a member or staff).

You can use the same feature to opt-out as well by sending Apna SMS STOP to 9243000111.

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