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At times, emails on your society’s mailing list can be too many to handle.

To stop receiving these emails, please login to portal and go to Home->My Profile or click on picture at the top right corner of the portal.

Scroll down and update your Email notification preferences.

You can select any one of the options below:

  1. Daily Digest – to receive all emails as digest once in a day.
  2. Weekly Digest – to receive all emails as digest once in a week.
  3. Never – to never receive any emails. In this option, you have to login to ApnaComplex to check out happenings and discussions in your society.
  4. Real Time – to receive emails in real time as and when conversations happen (this is the default option and it can lead to receiving too many emails).

Please note that the notifications are only for community discussion forum and notices.

You will continue to receive important email notifications like Invoices, Receipts, Reminders and Special notices by the committee.

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