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Every society collects income from members under multiple heads. Typical heads include Maintenance Charges, Late Payment Charges, Penalty Charges, Club House Booking etc.

ApnaComplex gives you the flexibility to create your own income heads of your society in the accounting module.

In ApnaComplex, Income Heads are also referred as ‘Charge Types’.

Please follow below procedure to setup member income charge categories into system.

Go to Accounting->setup click on “Setup Member Income Charge categories”, and click on “Add new categories” and add the categories on which members will be charged into the system and click on “Add Categories”.

Upon creating an income head – the systhem internally creates few GL accounts on the accounting side.

By default all Charge Types are created under income  account group called ‘Member Income’. This is sufficient for majority of the societies. You can change the accounting group to anything you wish by going to Accounting->Chart of Accounts.

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