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As a member, you can create a Gatepass by following the below steps:
  1. Please go to “My Gate” section and select “Gatepasses”.
  2. You will be taken to the “Gatepasses” page.
  3. Please click on “plus” icon to create a new Gatepass.You will be required to enter the below information:
    Unit –  If the user is associated with multiple units, a drop-down will appear for you to choose the unit.
    Gatepass for – This is to select one of Visitors/Service Staff/Maintenance Staff.
    Issue to – A drop-down which will be based on the previous selection of user type. If there are no active visitors/service staff and maintenance staff associated, then the drop-down will be blank.
    Description – You can add description about the items for which the Gatepass is created.
    Attach Photo – You can also add photos by clicking on “Attach Photo”. A maximum of 10 photos are allowed.
  4. Click Create. The Gatepass will be created and will be available in the active tab of “My Gatepasses”. The Gatepass created here will be synchronized with the Gatekeeper.


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