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The most likely reasons why you are unable to access all features of the portal upon login are (a) You are are not associated with any community (b) You have not added any residential units (Plots/Villas) in the portal.

For (a):

1) Please login to the portal, and then  go to Complex->Search.

2) On click of which, you will be redirected to a page. Please fill in all the details of your complex and click on the search button.

3) On click of which, you will be directed to a page displaying your complex. Click on the “Join Now” button present in the Action column.

4) On click of which, you will be redirected to a page to fill in all your block details of the complex. Fill in all the details and click on “join” button present in the bottom of the page.

5) On click of which, your request to join the complex will be sent for the complex administrator approval. Upon admin approval, you can start accessing the features of ApnaComplex portal.

For (b): Please click on the Getting Started Link on the dashboard (or go to Complex->Setup). Set up the blocks, units and add members. You will be able to see the menu items.

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