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What is the recommended size for QR Code Cards? How can it be protected from bad weather?

Our recommended size of the QR code cards is A5 and the QR code cards should be laminated to protect from bad weather. You can print the QR codes yourself or we can print and ship them to you.
We have QR code cards available in two types,
(i) 5mm Sunboard with Lamination at a cost of Rs. 40/- per each QR card + Shipping charge
(ii) 2mm PVC Acrylic at a cost of Rs. 100 per QR card + Shipping charge
For both Printing and Shipping QR Codes, you will be charged at the original cost.

What if Security Guards take a photo of the QR Code and scans them without actually patrolling?

That’s why the checkpoints are geo-tagged. In the report generated, the location from where the QR code is scanned will be shown as a result the security supervisor will get to know the location.

What if the Security Supervisor ignores the Patrol Violations?

We got you covered. Configure our system to escalate the repeated violations to the Facility Manager. If he/she ignores them, the issue gets escalated to Committee Members. Define the entire escalation Matrix to make your security bulletproof.

In the Apartment, there is no internet connection in Parking Lots and Basements? Will Guard Patrol tracking work there?

Yes. Our system is designed to work perfectly even with an unstable internet connection. Your Security Guard can even check-in at places without any Network.

Our Apartment Society is very big. Can your system cover it?

There is no limit to the number of patrol routes or checkpoints. Create multiple routes to cover the entire breadth and width of your Apartment Society.

Our Security Guards do multiple patrols through the same route in a night. How do you track that?

Every patrol route is associated with a ‘Schedule’. For example, the schedule can be defined as Patrolling starts through Route A at 9 PM, repeats every 2 hours till 6 AM. The alerts are fired if the schedule does not adhere.

Can we change the patrol routes in the future?

Yes. As always, our system is highly configurable. The Security Admin can add or remove patrol routes and checkpoints at any point in time.

Sounds Great. How much will this cost us?

Nothing. Guard Patrol tracking comes free with your ApnaComplex Subscription. You don’t need to buy any hi-tech device to protect your Apartment Society. All you need is Printed QR Codes and our App to make sure your Apartment is Secure.

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