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Getting Started with Security Guard Patrol has been made as smooth and as fast as possible. If you have Gatekeeper App, just follow the below steps to setup Guard Patrol in your Apartment Society, if you do not have the Gatekeeper App it’s high time you get it by writing us at support@apnacomplex.com or give us a call to +91-8088611229.

Setup Checkpoints:

Step 1: Login to the Web portal

Step 2: Under the ‘Gatekeeper’ tab, click on ‘Guard Patrol’ from the side menu

Step 3: Create multiple checkpoints covering the length and breadth of your apartment society. (For example, Checkpoints can be Tower A parking Area, Swimming pool, etc.). To create a checkpoint, click on ‘Add Patrol Stop’ present at the top

Step 4: Enter a unique id for the checkpoint and also enter the patrol area for this checkpoint

Step 5: Click on ‘Add’ to successfully create the checkpoints

To modify the Checkpoints:

Step 6: To modify the checkpoint name and area, click on the middle icon under the ‘Actions’ column

Step 7: Enter the new patrol name and area here, and click on ‘Update’

To print the QR Cards:

Step 8: Select all the checkpoints and then click on the ‘Print’ icon present at the bottom left corner

Step 9: A new window pops up with the QR Codes, click on ‘Print QR Codes’

Step 10: Print the QR Codes and place them in the corresponding checkpoints covering the entire society (Please check our FAQ’s related to Printing QR codes)

Once the checkpoints are created, the patrol route needs to be defined from the ApnaComplex App.

Step 11: Open Gatekeeper App and click on “Guard Patrol” present at the bottom right

Step 12: Click on ‘Add New Route’

Step 13: Enter the Route Name, start and end time of patrol, route frequency, and expected patrol duration

Step 14: Click on ‘Add Checkpoints’ to add the checkpoints

Step 15: Select the checkboxes for those checkpoints you want to add to the route and click on ‘Add checkpoints to route’

Step 16: Arrange the checkpoints in the order you wish to scan it and click on ‘Arrange checkpoints’

Step 17: Click on ‘Save Route’ to successfully add the route

Step 18: To view the checkpoints for that particular route, click on ‘View Checkpoints’

Step 19: Now, click on ‘START PATROL’ and patrol will start only when you take a selfie

Step 20: Click on ‘Scan QR’ to scan respective checkpoints

When all the checkpoints are scanned, a green tick mark beside all the checkpoints means that it is scanned successfully.

Step 21: Click on ‘Complete Patrol’

Step 22: Confirm the end of patrol by clicking ‘Yes’ and taking a selfie again

After you take the selfie, you will see below as ‘Patrol completed successfully’

Step 23: You can also edit or deactivate the existing route by clicking on the three dots present beside the route name

To modify checkpoints and Geo-tag location(App):

Step 24: Click on the ‘pencil icon’ to modify the checkpoint names and area

Step 25: Enter the new checkpoint name and area. You can also tag the location of checkpoints by clicking on the GPS icon present just below the ‘Checkpoint Location’. You can also modify the location of that checkpoint by clicking on ‘Clear Location’ and adding the correct location once more.

If you need help in implementing Guard Patrol tracking in your Society, please write to us on support@apnacomplex.com. We would be happy to help.

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