How to manage Clubhouse Entry/Exit using Resident Pin?

The entry, exit and other member activity details in the society Club House can be managed/viewed using the Gatekeeper App as explained below.

  1. When a society member wants to enter the Club House to use any amenity, the guard will click on the Club House button to record entry.
  2. To allow the use of any facility such as Gym, the guard will request the member’s 6-digit unique PIN which can be found in the ApnaComplex App as shown in the next step.
  3. To find this 6-digit unique PIN, members can go to the ApnaComplex App dashboard and click on profile icon. The PIN can be found below your name as shown below.

  4. Give this PIN to the guard, who will enter the same into the Gatekeeper App to allow entry.

  5. If required, additional guests/family members may be added by increasing the number of visitors.

  6. The member’s entry to the Gym is now successfully recorded in the system.

  7. At the time of exit, the same 6-digit PIN has to be provided to the guard.

  8. Once the exit is recorded successfully, member’s activity details are stored in the system.

  9. The Admins can view any member’s activity/attendance details, including when and on which dates they used a facility.
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