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To prevent spam emails in the users inbox, email providers have developed different algorithms to classify an email as spam or ham. Normally, emails from apnacomplex.com are not classified as spam, because we never send unwanted emails. But some email providers have algorithms that seem to need some more fine tuning.

To be sure that emails from us get straight to your inbox, you need to whitelist “apnacomplex.com” before we can send an email to you. To do so, go to your email account and add us to your contacts, contact list, whitelist, create a filter or whatever it is called by your email provider. Of course you can always revert this whenever you decide.


  • Click Settings -> Filters Tab -> Create A New Filter
  • Insert @apnacomplex.com to the “From” field and click “Next Step”
  • Choose “Never send it to Spam” and click “Create Filter”


  • Click Options -> More Options -> Preventing Junk e-mail
  • Click Safe and Blocked senders -> Safe Senders
  • Insert @apnacomplex.com into the “Sender or domain to mark as safe” field
  • Click “Add to list”

Yahoo Mail:

  • Click Options -> Mail Options -> Filters
  • Click Add Filter
  • Choose a Name for the Filter
  • Select “Contains” for the “Sender” field
  • Insert @apnacomplex.com into the “Sender” field
  • Select “Inbox” in the “Move the Message to” field
  • Click Save Changes

There are similar options when you use other email providers.

If you are using Boxbe, look in your Wait List Folder and add our E-Mail address manually to your Guest List. Our automated system will refuse any E-Mail that is coming from Boxbe requesting a manual approval.

Any E-Mail service that sends us an E-Mail requesting a manual approval will be ignored by our automated system. You need to whitelist us before in their system. Please consult their service for more help.

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