How do I change the ‘Committee Role’ of an existing committee member?

Occasionally, there might be a need to change the ‘role’ of a committee member – such as changing a ‘Joint Treasurer’ to a ‘Treasurer’  or from a ‘Committee Member’ role to a ‘Secretary’.

ApnaComplex maintains the history of every committee member and role changes. So, in order to change the ‘committee role’, follow the steps below:

  1. De-activate the committee member by going to Directory->Committee Members (you can provide the last date of the current role and optional reason).  Alternately, delete the record completely in case the current entry is not correct.
  2. Post deactivation, go to Directory->Members, filter on the user’s name and mark the user as committee member again with the new role and date of election (or date from which new role is being donned) and update.

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