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As an administrator, you might have noticed that few people have never logged in to the portal. You might want to send a reminder to all such people asking them to login. Here are the steps to do the same. The steps are based on if “auto-activation” is enabled or disabled in your community.

By default, “auto-activation” is ON for every community. You can check what your setting is by going to Complex->Settings and seeing the first setting in Member Administration module.

Case 1 – “Auto-Activation” is ENABLED:

When auto-activation is enabled, all your users are automatically activated the moment you have added them. This means irrespective of the user has logged into the portal or not – s/he can receive all email notifications like Notices, Discussions, Invoices, Receipts, Reminders etc. In this case, there is usually no need to send any reminder as the ALL users receive all communications posted in the portal.

ApnaComplex.com automatically sends three email reminders to the people who did not login after a week, after a month and after 90 days since the user account was added.

In case you still would like to request members to login – just post a notice in your noticeboard with the following content. This notice would reach every one, both people who logged in and people who did not login.

“Dear Members,

We request the members who did not log into ApnaComplex portal to login at the earliest.

Post login, you can check your flat related details, update your email and SMS notification preferences – in addtion to various other things.

To login, just go to https://www.apnacomplex.com/auth/login and enter your email id and password. In case, you do not know what your password is or forgot the same – just click “Forgot Password” link. The emails is same as the id on which you are receiving this email.


Case 2 – “Auto-Activation” is DISABLED:

When auto-activation is disabled, go to Directory->Messages. Click “Send Message to Yet to Join Members”  which will lead to a screen where the reminder message can be typed and shared with all members.

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