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  3. I have sent SMS to all residents. It did not reach most of the residents. What could be the issue?

It is quite possible that the first SMS you have sent to all owners/residents did not reach many.

To receive SMS from ApnaComplex a member must have done one of the following:

1. Login into ApnaComplex and update the SMS Notification Preference to “Yes” in the profile. To do this go to Home->My Profile and update the “Opt-in for SMS Notification” to Yes. With this, you have given exclusive permission to ApnaComplex to send an SMS to you. Without this, we will not be able to send SMS to the member. Please note that by doing this, you will NOT receive spam SMSs from other marketers. Members will only receive SMSs scheduled or sent by the committee, like meeting reminders, emergency notifictions etc.


2. Remove your number from DND list. However, when you are not on DND list you will not only receive ApnaComplex messages but also potential SPAM messages from others. This is not recommended.

Please note that we will NOT be able to auto-update the profile of any members, as if they have opted-in to receive SMS. It is mandatory that the member logs in and opts-in for receiving SMS notifications. This is a regulatory requirement.

You can look at https://www.apnacomplex.com/help/index.php?action=artikel&cat=14&id=98&artlang=en for some more information.

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