How can we register our Housing Society for GST?

If your Housing Society is coming under the purview of,  we strongly recommend you to contact your society’s auditor to take next steps in registering for GST. You can also visit Govt’s GST portal – to apply for your registration on your own. In case, you need a […]

What is the GST on Commercial Space Rent?

Even if your society is coming under the purview of GST,  following exemptions are available for the Society from GST. GST need not be charged under the following circumstances: Renting out of Space / Real Estate for Commercial Activities (such as Mini Market, Small Eateries etc) up to Rs. 10,000/- […]

Criteria for Housing Society to be under GST

[Last updated on 14th July 2017] Co-operative Housing Societies / Apartment Associations / RWAs that meet the following criteria shall come under the purview of GST. 1. Total collections towards maintenance exceeds 20 Lakhs per annum AND 2. Collection from members exceed Rs. 5000 per month per member. Update on […]

Can Housing Societies use Composition Scheme under GST?

Composition Scheme is a scheme under GST to reduce the burden of book-keeping and compliance for small suppliers. No, Housing Societies cannot make use of Composition Scheme under GST as Housing Societies are not ‘suppliers’. Under Service Providers, only restaurants with less than 75 Lakhs annual turnover are eligible for […]

How do we get started with Gatekeeper App?

Gatekeeper is a unique android app offered by ApnaComplex to make the Apartment / Gated Community Gates more secure. It is a complete “Gate Management System” with several functionalities. The core functionalities of Gatekeeper, as of today are Visitor Management – including pre-authorized visitors, ad-hoc visitors such as delivery persons etc. Domestic […]

How do I join my Apartment in ApnaComplex?

1. Visit : 2. Click : Start using this complex 3. Select : Name of Layout (Drop down) 4. Click : Join this community 5. Enter the relevant Data: Mail id, Password, Block & Flat no. etc. 6. Link comes to your mail id, once you click this, auto […]

How to request for training?

ApnaComplex offers 4 free online training sessions every week to all our customers. The sessions cover various aspects of ApnaComplex product capabilities and last between 2-3 hours per session. To check out the available sessions and request for training kindly go to and register your request.