How to create and respond to a poll from ApnaComplex App?

You can create polls to take key decisions in your Society. The polls can be customized to be accessible to either certain residents or all of them. There is also an option where members can respond to polls anonymously. Moreover, you can also restrict society’s dues defaulters from taking part in the poll. You can also schedule the poll at a later date if necessary. Society admin can create a poll and residents can respond to polls right from the ApnaComplex App itself.

Please scroll down to see how residents can cast their votes through the ApnaComplex app.

Admin: Creating a Poll

Step 1: Log in to ApnaComplex App and click on the ‘Admin’ tab from the dashboard

Step 2: Click on ‘Polling Booth’

Step 3: Clik on the ‘+’ sign button present at the below right corner to create a new poll

Step 4: Enter the poll title

Step 5: Enter the description of the poll, basically the question of the poll

Step 6: Select the start and end date of the poll

Step 7: Select the members who can take part in this poll. You choose from members, residents, owners, committee members, etc.

Step 8: Select the voting right as – One per user or One per Unit.

Step 9: Enable the ‘Vote Secret’ option to make the voting as a secret vote. The results will be visible only after the poll is closed.

Step 10: Enable this option to restrict the defaulters from taking part in the voting. Therefore, only members who do not have any pending dues will be allowed to vote.

Step 11: Mention the poll options for the question mentioned in the description

Step 12: After the form is filled up, click on ‘Publish’ to successfully float the poll in your Society.

Members: Responding to a Poll

Step 1: Click on ‘My Complex’ from the app dashboard

Step 2: Click on ‘Pooling Booth’

Step 3: Find the poll here and cast your valuable vote and then click on ‘Submit Vote’

If you need any assistance in creating a poll write to us at, we would be happy to help.

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