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ApnaComplex offers two pieces of information for every closed poll, for admins and the persons who initiated the poll.

  1. Poll Results : This will show the number of votes that each of the option that was put for polling received. The results will be some thing like
    • Option A – 60 votes
    • Option B – 40 votes
  2. Poll Report : This will show the members/flats who have participated in the poll.
    • For “Open” polls, one will be able to see the list of members/flats who voted for each option. A sample report will be like
      • Option A – Anil (C201), Anthony (D302), Ramesh (A101), Sachin(B202)..
      • Option B – Anand (D204),  Ravi (D702), Shrikant (A002), Vaibhav (C404)..
    • For “Secret” polls, only the list of members/flats who participated in the poll will be visible. A sample report will be like
      • Anand (D204),  Anil (C201), Anthony (D302), Ramesh (A101), Ravi (D702), Sachin(B202), Shrikant (A002), Vaibhav (C404) pariticipated in this poll

It is important to note that the Poll Results will be e-mailed to ALL the members who were eligible to vote on a given poll upon closure of the poll. Poll can be closed manually by the Admin or by the person who initiated the poll OR system can auto close the poll once the end date is crossed. In both cases, an email with the poll results be sent to all eligible members.
ApnaComplex system no longer sends email upon poll closure (both open / secret). The results and reports discussed above will be visible to the community admin, poll admin and the poll initiator.

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