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In ApnaComplex you have the capability to mark a Poll as an “Open Poll” or a “Secret poll” when creating the poll.

Key differences between “Open” and “Secret” poll are as below:

In “Open” polls, members will not only know the poll results but also the choices made by individual voters. In “Secret” poll, the members will know the results, but they will NOT know the individual choice of the voters.

In “Open” polls members will also get to see the results as the poll progresses, whereas in “Secret” poll, the results are not shown until the poll is closed.

In both Open and Secret polls, the system will notify the results via email to the poll collage (all members who are eligible to vote on the poll) upon closure of the poll OR when the poll end date is reached.The results can also be viewed by the admins/poll creators in the “Closed Polls” section of the web portal.

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