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  3. I see all accounting heads from previous year. Can I delete some of them and add new ones?

You cannot delete any account if there are any transactions made in that account across any of the years.

However, you can hide the accounts in the new accounting period that you do not want. To hide any system accounts, please go to respective charge type/non-member income/expense categories and delete them. For balance sheet accounts, please go to Chart of Accounts and delete them.

Hiding an account ensures that these accounts do not appear in dropdown lists across various screens for entering financial transactions.

Please note that hiding an account WILL NOT impact the transactions of earlier accounting period(s).  Any accounts hidden in the new accounting period will continue to be available in the earlier accounting periods.

Please note that hiding of any accounts need to be done BEFORE you do any financial transactions against those accounts.

To add new accounts, please create new charge type/non-member income/expense categories or go to chart of accounts to create balance sheet accounts. Any account created will automatically be available across all accounting periods.

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