How to Pre-Authorise other services on ApnaComplex App?

From the home screen itself, you can pre-authorise other services effortlessly. –          On the home screen, click “Services”. –          Select the “Name” of the scheduled service and select the “Date” and click “Done”. –          Service pre-authorised successfully. –  […]

How to Pre-Authorise Cabs on ApnaComplex App?

In just a few clicks, pre-authorise cabs using ApnaComplex. –          On the home screen of the ApnaComplex application, click “Cab” and select the cab service name. –          Enter the last four digits of the vehicle number in the space given and click […]

How to Pre-Authorise Delivery on ApnaComplex App?

Using the below steps, you can pre-authorise deliveries and notify the security. –          On the ApnaComplex applications home screen, click on the “Delivery” icon. –          Select the delivery services name given over there and select the day you are expecting the delivery. […]

How to Invite Visitor on ApnaComplex App?

In just a few steps, invite guests easily using the ApnaComplex App. –          On the home screen of the ApnaComplex application, click “Invite Guest”. –          Select the mobile number of the guest you would like to invite. –          […]

How to Raise Complaints on ApnaComplex App?

Raising complaints has never been easier. With the help of the below steps, you can quickly raise complaints. –          On the ApnaComplex home screen, click on “Raise a Complaint”.   –          On this screen, you see a “+” symbol on the bottom, […]

How to Book Facility on ApnaComplex App?

Facilities can be booked effortlessly through few simple steps: –          On the ApnaComplex home screen, there is a “Book Facility” icon. Click on it. –          Book the facility that you wish to use. –          Read the description and […]

How to add vaccination status in ApnaComplex Vaccine Tracker?

To our existing CORONA SHIELD features, we have added one more brilliant feature called the Vaccine Tracker. Using this feature, the Management Committee/Admin can track how many members, security, and staff are vaccinated against COVID 19 and how many need to be vaccinated. Members can also update the vaccination details of […]