Notification Troubleshooting

Basics “Android phone settings are fine, but still not receiving notifications?” Let’s fix it. We get this question asked quite a lot. Unlike most recreational apps, most ApnaComplex notifications are critical and time sensitive in nature. So here’s a quick guide to fixing all your notification issues.  Remember, notification delivery […]


STEP 1: Go to settings –> Advanced Settings –> Battery Manager –> Protected Apps, then find “ApnaComplex” and “Protect” it. This is essentially “Whitelisting” the app, aka telling Oppo, “hey, this app is useful, please don’t kill it.” But that’s not enough. Oppo’s software will still kill the app unless […]

Security PIN Tracking

The security guard can create his/her own PIN by clicking on “Create PIN” and entering the PIN of his/her choice            After entering the PIN, the security can access the application and create Visitors, send messages to unit This can be checked by Community Admin/Security Supervisor […]

How to view quarantined flats in Gatekeeper App?

The Security guards are now empowered with the ability to know which flats are under quarantine. This enables your security to take an informed decision on whether to allow visitors to a quarantined flat. (See how to mark a flat as under quarantine) 1. Once a unit is marked as […]

How to Track Quarantined Flats in your Society using ApnaComplex?

The quarantine feature of ApnaComplex helps Societies track their quarantined houses effectively and ensure that the information reaches all the members.  There are three mains aspects for managing quarantined flats in your Society: Defining Quarantine Settings for your Society Tagging a flat as Quarantined Keeping everyone informed about Quarantined flats […]