How to download invoices from the ApnaComplex App?

Step 1: Login to ApnaComplex App and click on ‘My Home’ Step 2: Click on ‘My Financials’ Step 3: Click on ‘Unpaid’ and then click on ‘View Details’ for which you want to download the invoice. Step 4: Click on ‘Download Invoice’ to successfully download the invoice successfully. If you […]

How to create a group in ApnaComplex?

A group/sub-group can be created only by Owners / Tenants or Admin. This feature is not available for staff. Below are the steps to create a group: Step 1: Click on ‘Forums’ and then click on ‘Groups’ from the drop-down Step 2: Click on the ‘Create New Group’ button on […]

How to schedule a report?

With ApnaComplex, you can schedule reports at specified time intervals in a few simple steps.  You can schedule to run the selected reports daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly using this option. On scheduling the report, the selected report gets generated automatically on the specified date and time and the generated report is sent to […]

How to fix visitor notifications for ApnaComplex App?

Recent updates by most android smartphone manufacturers have disabled App notifications by default in order to enhance battery life. Due to these changes, you may not be getting notification from the ApnaComplex App. To receive real-time notification seamlessly, you shall need to allow some permissions to the app and the […]